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ID: 1462
Full name: Elena Dior
Height: 167cm~5ft 5''
Weight: 60kg~132lbs
Age: 53 y.o.

ID: 1460
Full name: Irina Parmenko
Height: 171cm~5ft 7''
Weight: 63kg~138.6lbs
Age: 47 y.o.

ID: 1459
Full name: Ksenia Baltac
Height: 170cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 52kg~114.4lbs
Age: 37 y.o.

ID: 1458
Full name: Koval Lyubov
Height: 173cm~5ft 7''
Weight: 59kg~129.8lbs
Age: 38 y.o.

ID: 1457
Full name: Anzhela Malkaya
Height: 174cm~5ft 8''
Weight: 60kg~132lbs
Age: 51 y.o.

ID: 1456
Full name: Liliana Romako
Height: 167cm~5ft 5''
Weight: 58kg~127.6lbs
Age: 46 y.o.

ID: 1455
Full name: Diana Khvoenko
Height: 172cm~5ft 7''
Weight: 58kg~127.6lbs
Age: 35 y.o.

ID: 1454
Full name: Lolita Rudkaya
Height: 168cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 65kg~143lbs
Age: 37 y.o.

ID: 1453
Full name: Julianna Kisiva
Height: 175cm~5ft 8''
Weight: 65kg~143lbs
Age: 32 y.o.

ID: 1452
Full name: Margarita Budina
Height: 167cm~5ft 5''
Weight: 49kg~107.8lbs
Age: 26 y.o.

ID: 1451
Full name: Svetlana Mateva
Height: 164cm~5ft 4''
Weight: 105kg~231lbs
Age: 44 y.o.

ID: 1450
Full name: Nadezhda Lyka
Height: 168cm~5ft 6''
Weight: 68kg~149.6lbs
Age: 53 y.o.

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