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Ukraine Brides FAQ

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Odessa Marriage agency FAQ

What are your prices and fees?
All our services and prices are stated in the Love Tour section.

Are all these women real and can I trust your services?
All women listed in our web-site are real. We do speak with these women and know most personally so to help the clients most efficiently. It is up to you to trust us or not, of course. We do our job and if you need help we are ready to assist you. We have good reputation among marriage agencies and our ex-clients and we value this a lot.

Do women pay for any service in your agency?
No, women do not pay for any services, it is free of charge for them.

Do you provide contact details of women before the meeting?
No, we do not sell or provide by any means the contact details or direct contacts for our customers. All personal data is removed from messages sent to our women. You get the contact details of the lady when you actually meet her. Please note that this is done according the women's preferences and their conveniences using our services.

What is usually the first meeting?
You are introduced to each other in the agency office and you are free to do and go where you want. Usually it is some cafe where you can easily speak and ask questions.

I just met the woman from your agency. How can I know if she likes me and wants to continue?
That's what we are here for. It is no problem for us to speak with the lady and ask her opinion, clear out the situation to avoid any misunderstanding and advice if needed.

I do not want to use your services, I just want you to give contact details of some women listed on your site
Sorry, this way we can not help you. We do not provide personal contact information before real meeting.

I am over 50. Why women of their 20's on other dating sites say that they accept my age and I wrote to some of your ladies listed and they refuse?
Internet dating/marriage/brides businesses are very dishonest and full of scam. Most normal women Ukrainian won't accept that age difference. We don't say that it doesn't happen, it does but rare. Our style of work is different and we do not want you look through "pink glasses".

I am a busy person and I don't have time to look for wife. Can you help me with finding one?
You should understand that we can not choose for you, neither for her. We can help and advice but we can't send you the wife in your mailbox. It is your serious responsibility to look for your partner and we would be trying to help you efficiently.


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